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Top 10 Articles of 2016

As we are saying our goodbyes to 2016, let's take a look at best works this year has given us. In the following article, enjoy top ten of the best Mysteria Words stories of 2016.

Several years back, my friend was visiting a graveyard with her family. As she was leaving the car, she gazed through the cemetery. On the back of one of the tombstones shaped as a heart, she saw a face of blonde girl in her twenties. The moment she looked away and... 

Have you ever heard your loved ones calling your name only to find out they never did? I'm going to raise this question ever further! Have you ever had a full conversation with what you thought were your loved ones when in reality it was nothing?! This phenomenon is more common than you might expect, therefore there are several theories on what it could be. 

A few weeks back, I was on a YouTube spree and I ended up watching a tone of paranormal storytimes. One, in particular, captured my attention. In a video, a girl by the YouTube name Leah Gordone talks about already terrifying enough experience; an old hag syndrome. However, there in a twist in Leah's story which captured my attention. 

Hearing someone calling your name when nobody is there can be explained several different ways; from mental disorders, sleep deprivation and long-term periods of stress to hypogognic state and conformation bias. Yes, all of these explanations might be reasons that cause us to slightly hallucinate and hear what does not exist. However, what if we accidentally manage to record the moment when an unexplained voice was heard. At first, we might think it was nothing but our mind tricking us, but upon reviewing the tape, we actually hear someone calling our name. It freaks us out, so we show the suspicious recording to other people; they hear the mysterious voice as well. This is what happened to Garret David Ginner, a skater and a youtuber. READ MORE

The following short story is a true paranormal experience which happened to my father. We have an idea about what it could be. Several months ago, my dad was at his computer when suddenly the screen went dark. At first he tought something was wrong with the computer. However, a split second later, he saw... READ MORE

Events took place in the middle of the 20th century to my friend’s family. It was evening when parents put their daughter to sleep and soon they went to bed as well. In the middle of the night, parents were awoken from their sleep by their daughter.“I’m scared” – she said. 

We've all heard of Bloody Mary, Baby Blue and the creepy Three Kings Game. Might I introduce you to this old legend spread around the area where I'm from. One might say it's one of the OG paranormal games. However, the elders probably wouldn't call it a game. It is believed that if you follow certain steps, you will be able to tell exactly who is a witch. READ MORE

So, a few months ago I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep. As I was trying to fall asleep, I heard what sounded like something was lightly touching my bag; click-click. I did not think anything of it concluding it was probably a bug. However, the sound kept getting louder and faster. I was curious so I got up to see what it is. The minute I turned on the lights... READ MORE

When talking about paranormal in Croatia, it is almost impossible to forget the haunted house in Ċ krinjari, a village near the town of Bjelovar. This house attracted attention of media as well as paranormal enthusiasts over the years and it is, without a doubt, one of the most famous haunted locations in Croatia. READ MORE

The following is the true story that happened to me in August, 2016. Since then I have been debating about if I should write about this experience or not because I cannot say with all certainty that the occurrence was of paranormal origin. However, paranormal or not, the event was straight out of a horror movie and worth a notice. Therefore, I'm just going to let you guys to judge. READ MORE

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Popular Mandela Effects

What if parallel universes exist? What if the evidence of parallel universes exists in our current 3 dimensional universe? Popular as of few months back, Mandela Effect theory suggests exactly that; parallel universes do exist and, unlike before, this time the theory's supporters are not just talking; instead, they are bringing in evidence. Also, it would not be 2016. without mentioning Mandela Effect. 

As mentioned, the Mandela Effect is a theory of parallel universes. It is based on false memories about past events that are remembered by larger group. Simply, the Mandela Effect is when a lot of people believe that something had happened when, in reality, it never happened or it happened completely different. Supporters of the theory believe that the reason for these false memories is due to the existence of multiple parallel universes. They suggest that at some point in the past, the two or more universes have collided, therefore creating small changes and fabrications in our current reality. 
The Mandela Effect was created in 2010 by a blogger Fiona Broome. Broome remembered that Nelson Mendela died in the 1980s during his imprisonment only to find out that never happened. Afterwards, Broome discovered she is not the only one who thought that Nelson Mandela had passed away in the 1980s; there was a large group of people who remembered exactly the same thing regardless of it never happening. 


01. Berenstain Bears
This is probably the second most famous Mandela Effect right after Mandela's death. Way too many people remember the title of the children's book series/cartoon being spelled The Berenstein Bears. In reality, the name of the book series/cartoon has always been The Berenstain Bears.

02. Luke, I am your father
Are you the true Star Wars fan? What's the most famous line from the movie, printed on t-shirts and quoted everywhere? Is it  "Luke, I am your father"? The truth is, that line was never even spoken in the movie. In reality, Darth Vader says "No, I am your father". 
03. We are the champions... of the world
Try to sing the ending of the Queen's classic; We are the Champions. Did you end with: We are the champions... (dun, dun) of the world!? Wrong. It turns out "...of the world" does not exist and the song just cuts off at we are the champions. Was it always like this? Take a listen!

04. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
What is my childhood? One of the most popular fairytales quotes was affected by Mandela Effect as well. The vain queen never said "Mirror, mirror on the wall". Instead, she said "Magic mirror on the wall."  
05. Sketchers or Skechers
Here we go with another spelling test. Is it Sketchers or Skechers? Many people remember Sketchers with a T in it. However, as you expected, our memories are wrong once again. It appears it was always Skechers, without the T. Google it, it looks ridiculous.  
06. Monopoly Man
Do you remember the Monopoly Man? What does he look like? What are his key features? Let's cut to the case; does he have a monocle on his eye or not? If you think he does, you, like a bunch of other folks, are wrong my friend. Turns out, Monopoly man never had a monocle! 
07. Good Evening, Clarice
Movies seem to be filled with different Mandela Effect. Next one if from the worldly popular movie Silence of the Lambs. People seem to remember Hannibal greets Clarice with "Hello, Clarice." The truth is, he never said that. Instead, Hannibal's greeting line is "Good Evening, Clarice."  
Mandela Effect Debunked: Sex in the City / Sex and the City
Apparently, many people remember the popular TV show being called Sex in the City when, in reality, it was always called Sex and the City. However, the country where I'm from, the TV show's name was translated as Sex and the City and it was always called that way. 

Are these really evidence of parallel universe? According to science and logic, these are just our false memories. However, some disagree stating that the number of people disremembering events is just way too high. Science still suggests it is possible. Especially now when Mandela Effect had gone viral; everyone wants to be a part of it. What do you think?

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Night of Strange Dreams

There was a night at a beginning of December that resulted in several strange dreams. Honestly, I'm not quite sure about the exact date, but let's say it was between the 4th and 7th of December. One of these three nights, three different people reported unusual dreams. We are not talking about nothing spectacular here, just some strange coincidences. If you are interested, keep reading!

A friend of mine, let's call her Emma, dreamed that she was supposed to travel to England. However, in a dream, she had lost her plane ticket which resulted in her not being able to travel to England. The next day, when Emma woke up, she received peculiar message from one of her friends, let's call her Anna. Interestingly, her friend Anna messaged her about her own dream which was strangely related to Emma's dream. Anna dreamed that she went to visit Emma in, no other country but England and that Emma was not there. 

The following dream was dreamed by my father. He dreamed that he got a phone call from one of our relatives who lives outside of the country. You guessed it, the next day, he received a phone call from that exact relative. What's interesting about this is that the mentioned relative literally never calls through phone.

Dreams are pretty mysterious phenomenon to begin with, however, these coincidences are pretty interesting if you ask me. The fact that they all occurred in the same night is even more interesting.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Folklore of Krampus

Wonderful month of December is full of holidays filled with love, joy and peace on Earth. Where I come from, one of the special dates in December was the 5th; that is when the the holiday of Saint Nicholas is celebrated. 

When I was a child, I would traditionally wait for St. Nicholas Day since it meant getting candy and gifts. In order to get presents, children would have to clean their boots until they are sparkly clean. On the evening of December 5th, we would place our clean boots on the window, and patiently go to sleep. During the night, St. Nicholas would arrive and put delicious candy and small treats in our boots; that is, if our boots are clean enough, and we have been good all year.  

Similar to Christmas, the holiday of St. Nicholas rises the question if the child had been naughty or nice. As mentioned, if you have been nice and if your boot is perfectly clean, St. Nicholas would give you treats. However, if you have been naughty and your boot is dirty, another being might give you a different type of gift. 

The being we are talking about is Krampus. As kids, we were terrified of him. According to the legend, St. Nicholas travels with a companion; Krampus who is supposed to contrast St. Nicholas. Krampus is depicted as a chained demon beast with horns, and hair all over his body. Pretty uneasy for kids. Furthermore, he carries a bag full of birch sticks which serve as a "gift" for naughty children. Therefore, if you have been naughty, Krampus might swat you with birch sticks. Do not worry though, St. Nicholas has him chained most of the time; just make sure you are really nice.

As children, most of us would receive gifts and candy in our boots, but our parents would make sure traditionally to put one birch stick in our boots as well. I guess, it is both due to the tradition and simple way to remind their kids to be a bit nicer. No wonder, I'm writing a spooky blog...

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Happy December!


Mysteria Words wishes you a Happy December!