Friday, September 30, 2016

Accidental Video of a Ghost Voice?

Hearing someone calling your name when nobody is there can be explained several different ways; from mental disorders, sleep deprivation and long-term periods of stress to hypogognic state and conformation bias. Yes, all of these explanations might be reasons that cause us to slightly hallucinate and hear what does not exist. However, what if we accidentally manage to record the moment when an unexplained voice was heard. At first, we might think it was nothing but our mind tricking us, but upon reviewing the tape, we actually hear someone calling our name. It freaks us out, so we show the suspicious recording to other people; they hear the mysterious voice as well. This is what happened to Garret David Ginner, a skater and a youtuber.

In a video, Garret is making yet another one of his skater videos, but is interrupted by a male voice calling his name. Garret responds but quickly realizes that he is alone in the house! Upon reviewing the tape, he realizes that someone was actually calling his name and he was not imagining. Needless to say, he was more than a bit spooked out. Furthermore, Garret experienced several technical difficulties regarding the video. Lots of times when people are recording something paranormal, either purposely or accidentally, they experience strange technical difficulties; their files become corrupted, malfunction or just plainly vanish. In the end, Garret managed to fix his files and, if we believe him, he has got a great video of a ghost. 

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Adele Believed Her Mansion Is Haunted

Lyrics "hello from the other side" might have a different meaning for the famous singer Adele. Back in 2012, Adele publicly stated that she believes her house is haunted by visitors from the other side.

Talented singer rented her dream home in 2012; a £7 million, ten bedroom mansion in West Sussex, England. However, it was not long before her new home started giving her the creeps. It all started with a spooky vibe of the house. Soon after, it proceeded to unexplained sounds at night. Apparently, the unexplained sounds were as loud to make her jump. Adele was so spooked out that she moved her bodyguard to live with her. On top of all of it, Adele's mansion used to be a convent. Considering the paranormal phenomenon and the place's history, Adele got convinced that her dream home was actually haunted.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Who Is The Hat Man?

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night only to find a dark shadow of a person wearing hat standing by your door. No facial features except eyes. It seems like they glow in a reddish tone. The only thing you are sure about is that this being is sinister and it's intentions are not good. All you could feel is pure fear. This is how majority of encounters with the hat man look like with some reports dating as back as to ancient times.


The hat man is mostly known to appear while falling a sleep, waking up or during a vivid dream. However, there have been several reports of people seeing him in the bright daylight. He is usually described as a full figure shadow of a person wearing a fedora hat or, less commonly, different hat styles. In some cases, he will tip his hat at the person as if he is greeting them. Sometimes, he is seen wearing a cloak or a black suit. Although most of the time the hat man is seen without any facial features, there are instances when a person can distinctively see his eyes which might be glowing and are usually of red, orange or yellow color. Rarely, his eyes might be pink. Some people claim that his appearance was less shadowy like and more like black TV static. 

Encounters with the hat man tend to be negative. Majority of people report feeling an alarming sense of danger and fear while in the presence of a hat man. People can feel that he is of a sinister nature, concluding that he is a malevolent entity. Furthermore, the hat man tends to appear when people are going through harsh times. Therefore, he is believed to be attracted to negative energies, bad luck, misfortune, ill-health and even death. Interestingly, there are reports of the hat man encounters within several generations of the same family as if he is somehow attracted to certain families. 


Those familiar with shadow people will certainly recognize lots of similarities between the hat man and the shadow person. Some even believe the two are somehow related. Both beings mostly appear either while falling asleep or waking up; their appearances are pretty similar and both appear as a shadowy figure which just stands and stares at you. The differences are in the hat and the feeling. Shadow people might sometimes feel bad but the hat man is almost always described as a sinister entity. Some believe the hat man is a subcategory of shadow people while others think he is of his own kind.

So, who is the hat man? The same as with everything paranormal, no one can surely tell. As far as we know, he wears a hat and causes feelings of danger and fear but that's about it for now. Hopefully, one day we might have more answers as to who the mysterious hat man really is.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen

Marie Laveau was probably the most famous Voodoo Queen in North America and, nowadays, even further. Legend has it, she practiced Voodooism for over hundred years while others claim she is immortal and still practicing Voodoo today. Marie's skills were so powerful that she could grant you anything you wished for. Therefore, her persona is largely surrounded with mystical beliefs and claims. The truth is, Marie was more than just a practitioner of voodoo; she played an important role in popularizing voodooism and making it fashionable. In the following article, we will take a look into the life of one of the most mysterious woman ever.


Marie Laveau were actually two different woman; mother Marie Laveau I. and her daughter Marie Laveau II. Somehow, the public never made the distinction between the mother and the daughter due to their similar physical looks. This is the reason for her practice to last for over a hundred years.


Marie Laveau I, the mother was born in New Orleans in the late 18th century. She was an illegitimate daughter of Charles Laveau and Marguerite Darcantrel. Her physical appearance is described as tall with curly back hair and reddish skin. 
She married Jacques Paris on August 4th, 1819 who disappeared soon after their marriage. This is when Marie started to address herself as the Widow Paris. Around the same time, Marie started working as a hairdresser where she started getting insights into her client's lives. Her clientele would confess their deepest secrets and fears to Marie; from their lovers to their husband's mistresses, their financial situation, estates, family problems, business affairs, fears of insanity and many more. Therefore, Marie became a hairdresser who was actually a psychologist. 
In about 1826., Marie got together with Louis Christopher Duminy de Clapion. The two of them never married but had 15 children and lived together until the day he died. At the same time, Marie started to fully concentrate on becoming the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She was known for merging Voodoo with Catholicism. Therefore, Marie would use holy water, incense, statues of saints and Christian prayers and incorporate them into her Voodoo rituals. She quickly attracted plenty of attention while slowly becoming the most powerful woman in New Orleans. She ran her Voodoo practices in a house named Maison Blanche. Eventually, her star rose to the point that judges would pay her as much as $1000 to win an election.
At the age of 70, Marie announced she was retiring. However, she never completely retired. Instead she continued her work until 1875 and died in 1891. Strangely, her obituaries state she lived her life as a devoted Catholic without mentioning Voodoo at all. Furthermore, there were several claims that she was seen after her death. However, others believe they simply encountered her daughter, Marie Laveau II.


Marie Laveau II., a daughter, was born on February 2nd, 1827. She shared a striking resemblance to her mother as well as similar interests. Therefore, when her mother died, she just continued her legacy. People who were not close to two Maries could not make a distinction between the mother and the daughter making them one immortal person. 
In reality, Marie Laveau II started just as her mother; as a hairdresser. Eventually, in continuation to her mother's legacy, she took over operations in the house her mother built for secret Voodoo meetings (Maison Blanche). Besides Voodoo meetings, this is where Marie held lavish parties for wealthy and rich. There parties were never raided by the police because the police feared to cross Marie. 
At one point, Marie died for the public. She didn't really die, instead she just pulled away from the public eye. The truth of how and when she actually died is uncertain. Some claim she died in a storm in 1890s while others claim they've seen her as late as 1918. The uncertainty of Marie Laveau II's death only adds to the mystery that she is actually one immortal woman. 


Many believe Marie Laveau is buried in the Glapion family crypt, in Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans. However, there is another plot with the same name of Marie Laveau in the St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. This created a legend that Marie rests in various different cemeteries in the city. Many people still ask Marie for favors and, if their wish is granted, they will draw XXX on her tomb (see second picture).

In conclusion, who was Marie Laveau? In all reality, she was a person who succeeded under hard conditions, a person that stood up for her people, a person that merged cultures, a person that counselled and helped people and a person who managed to do all that and more, while managing to grab our attention to what matters. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bulgaria's Cursed Phone Number

Back in 2010, Bulgarian phone company Mobitel suspended a phone number 0888 888 888 without stating why they made that decision. Quickly afterwards, possible reason for the suspension of the number emerged. Apparently, each owner of the number 0888 888 888 had died unexpectedly. 

The very first owner of the phone number was the creator of the number himself, CEO at the company Mobitel, Vladimir Grashnov. Grashnov died of cancer in 2001 at the young age of 48 while the number was in his possession.
After Grashnov's death, the number was passed to its second owner, a Bulgarian mafia boss Konstantin Dimitrov. He faced his fatal fate in 2003 at the age of 31 when he was shot by assassin.
Third person to own the jinxed number was Konstantin Dishliev, a businessman. In 2005, Dishiliev was shot dead in front of an Indian restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After the third death, the Mobitel Company decided to suspend the number for good. If you try to call the cursed number, all you would hear would be a prerecorded message stating "outside network coverage".

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mysterious Lights in the Woods

The following story is based on true unexplained experiences that happened to two of my friends. The events that occurred might or might not be of a paranormal nature but isn't that always the case with unexplained happenings?


One evening two of my friends took a trip to a somewhat secluded area in the woods. As it was getting darker, they got into the car and decided to watch a movie on the laptop they brought along with them. It was quite an ambiance; watching a movie in the middle of the woods at night. 
While they were watching movie, they were suddenly interrupted by a big bright light right in front of them. The light flashed directly into their car. They immediately reacted by turning on the brights on their car. However, once they turned the lights on, no one was there. "It was probably a person." - they thought - "A hunter, maybe." 
Although they were confused by a quick disappearance of a person without leaving trace, they brushed it off and decided to drive a bit further away. Parked a few minuted away from the original spot, but still in the secluded woody area, they continued to watch a movie. Only a few minutes passed away when, out of nowhere, big bright lights flashed straight to the back of their car once again. They turned on the car lights to get a better look at the area in around them. The same thing happened again; there was nothing! Needless to say they were more than a little confused at this point. Even if they encountered a person the first time, how did they manage to get to their car so fast? Both of them agree that the situation was more than strange and they cannot figure out the logical explanation. Eventually, they decided to leave and events that took place were left a mystery. 

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Roanoke Island: True Story Behind American Horror Story, Season 6 Theme

If you watch American Horror Story, you know that new September equals a new season of the popular series. The show is running it's sixth season which, from the get go it, appeared to be the most mysterious yet. Until now, each season of the show had it's own subtitle that was announced months prior to the season's release. However, this year we knew absolutely nothing about season 6, including the subtitle. On September 14th, the season's pilot was released and it appeared to be centered around one of the most bizarre disappearance cases ever recorded; the mystery of the Roanoke Island. In the following article, we will investigate true story behind AHS 6th season. 


The Roanoke was a colony established in late 16th century in Roanoke Island; modern day Dare County, North Carolina, USA. After the first hundred residents were brought to the island, it was quickly realized that the island cannot provide enough supplies for the number of new settlers. Therefore, some of the new settlers were forced to return to England to obtain supplies. Although they were supposed to be back as soon as they picked up the necessities, their return was delayed due to the war overseas. The war caused them to return three years later. Upon their return to Roanoke Island, they found out that all of the new settlers were missing, as if they had just vanished of the face of the Earth. The only thing that was left was a fence post and words "CRO" and "CROATOAN" carved into two trees. Everything else disappeared along with new settlers. However, at first they thought they were left with a clue; words carved into trees were actually associated with the Croatan Indians who lived on the nearby Hatteras Island. This caused them to travel to a nearby island in search of the missing new settlers. However, upon their arrival, they found nothing that would indicate any connection with the missing new settlers leaving this case a mystery.


Since then, there have been numerous theories as to what could have happened in those three years. Some say harsh weather either wiped them off or drove them away from the island. Add lack of supplies in the mix and it seems that the new settlers would have a good reason to leave. However, where did they go? How come there is not any trace of them? Well, some speculate that it may be a possibility that the new settlers got lost at the sea when trying to sail away. Second theory suggests that maybe the new settlers got into disputes with local tribes. However, the same question arises once again - wouldn't there be at least some kind of trace? The truth is, there are numerous different theories but none of them are conclusive. 

Therefore, till this day nobody really knows what caused the mysterious vanishing. It is pretty extraordinary to think that we are not able to conclude the disappearance of over a hundred people at one place. Makes you think.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Creepy Legend of The Učka Tunnel,Croatia

Učka is the mountain situated in Istria, Croatia. Aside from its wonderful protected nature, the Učka mountain is also known for its spooky legends. The tunnel going through the mountain is especially considered to be a place of mystery. 


Story about the mentioned tunnel dates back to 1988 when police started receiving numerous yet eerily similar reports. Each report of the encounter would sound almost the same:

Woman dressed in black would be hitchhiking by the road which leads to the Učka tunnel. She would enter the car and offer psychic readings to the driver as sign of gratitude. All that thought the ride thought the tunnel. The minute they would exit the tunnel, the woman would mysteriously disappear from the car.

During that time, police started to patrol the area more intensely, but they never found the woman in black. Some suspected that the mysterious woman escaped the mental hospital. However, that doesn't explain how she managed to get out of the moving vehicle and shut the door behind her all the while she managed to stay alive and the driver wouldn't notice anything. Some say her trace is completely lost upon building the new tunnel while others claim she is still out there, hitchhiking. 

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Angel Messenger in Dreams

Today, a friend of mine sent me an unbelievable yet miraculous text. It was a story that happened to a teacher who only recently became interested in angels. This event fascinated me and more importantly, made me so happy that I just felt this needs to be told.


Before the school year had started, a teacher took some time to pray. She prayed for the following school year to be positive while focusing on one particular student, a boy who suffers from ADHD. The teacher asked angels to make it easier for her to work with him. 

Fast forward, new school year had started. While in class, the boy in question approached a teacher telling her that, in his dreams, angels told him to be good this year.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Synchronicity or Meaningful Coincidence

Majority of us, if not all of us, have experienced some strange coincidences throughout our lives. Most of the time we brush them of as exactly that – just coincidences, however sometimes these random events turn out to be completely unbelievable that it makes us wonder; was it a coincidence? Famous psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung was one of to first to research this phenomenon naming it synchronicity.


Similar to most of us, Jung was inspired to look deeper into the phenomenon of coincidences from his everyday life. One of his patients dreamt a golden scrab – cetonia aurata to be exact. The next day, during the psychotherapy session, that same insect hit against Jung’s cabinet window. Interestingly, the presence of this insect was very rare for that climate. Furthermore, in esoteric philosophy of antiquity, the scrab was associated with death and rebirth which is what Jung’s patient was experiencing at that time while going through psychotherapy. Therefore, Jung noticed a significant connection between both psychical and psychological phenomena. Was it just a coincidence? Jung probably wondered.
In his research, Jung explained the concept of synchronicity stating that everything in the universe is somehow intimately connected. He proposed the idea that when multiple meaningful occurrences happen, it is a type of psychological and spiritual experience intended to guide us instead of it being a coincidence. The direction of guidance might not be initially known but if we trust and believe our intuition, the path will sometimes become obvious to us. However, it is still up to us as individuals to make the decision to follow. Synchronicity seems like a little helpful push.
Moreover, Carl Jung believed that we are responsible for our own synchronicity. Subconsciously, each and every one of us knows what we want and our daily thoughts (conscious and unconscious) and actions cause the manifestation synchronicity in our lives. However, not all synchronicity will lead us to a place we consciously want to be. Sometimes our subconsciousness knows better and it will lead us to events, people and places which might not initially seem like the best choices but ultimately they might be teaching us life lessons and end up being beneficial to us in long term. Furthermore, people connect synchronicity with Law of Attraction stating that positive attracts positive and that negative attracts negative. Although this concept certainly is interesting, there are no facts that could properly support the theory leaving synchronicity in the field of pseudoscience and parapsychology.


Science explained coincidences as a result of psychological phenomenon called confirmation bias; humans easily notice and remember things which might confirm our beliefs rather than those that do not. Apparently, our brains are extremely good at making connections and creating patterns where there are none. Think about the smiley face; we perceive it as a face even though it is not a real face. Perceiving world around us as a pattern makes it easier for our brain to process information. It would be quite a long and exhausting process if we had to identify eye by eye, nose and lips each time in order to figure out we are seeing a face. Moreover, making connections has also been helpful in our survival as a species. Add people’s need to find causality in everything in the mix, you have got yourself a coincidence. According to science, coincidences are nothing but a production of our minds.

Science might have explained it and Jung’s theory might still be a part of a pseudoscience but what about experiences with truly unbelievable coincidences which will blow anyone’s mind.

In 1930s a man by the name Joseph Figlock was walking down the streets of Detroid. At the same time, the baby fell from a high window in that same street. Luckily, the baby’s fall was broken when the baby landed on the man and both were unharmed. Strangely, a year later, on the same street, the same baby fell from the very same window onto the very same man. Both the baby and the man survived this time as well.

In 1975, a man riding a moped was accidentally killed by the driving taxi. Exactly one year later, the victim’s brother was driving a moped on the same street as well when he was stuck by the same taxi as his brother. Furthermore, the same taxi was driven by the same driver and was even carrying the same passenger!

Two twin boys were separated at birth and adopted by different families. Although, the families were unknown to each other, both decided to name their son James. Both brothers sought law-enforcement training, had abilities in carpentry and mechanical training and each married the woman named Linda. Both of them owned dogs which they named Toy and had sons whom one named James Alan and the other James Allan. Furthermore, both divorced and remarried other woman; both named Betty. Twin brothers met each other forty years after their childhood separation and were probably pretty amazed by their similar lives.

If you wish to read more stories about really strange coincidences, check them out here.

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