Monday, August 29, 2016

Encounter with a Mysterious Woman

The following is the true story which happened to me several years back. Truthfully, I cannot surely say this event was of a paranormal nature however it definitely has predispositions to be one and it is one of the most bizarre things to ever occur in my life.

At that time I was living alone in a studio apartment. It all happened on an afternoon during a hot summer day while I was on my computer writing a research for university. As I was focused on my writing, I remember hearing someone knocking on the front door. Immediately I thought it must be either one of my two neighbors or the landlord since no one else has the key to the building. As I opened the door in front of me stood a woman that was neither my landlord nor a neighbor. She looked like an average woman in her twenties; she had long black hair and her clothing was quite regular. However, I was not familiar with her. This struck me as strange due to the fact that nobody can enter the building without the key. Also, there were no windows in the hallway. Without much thinking I brushed it off thinking one of the neighbors accidentally left the doors open when she asked me:
“Is this the nail salon?”“No. It is not.” – I responded. There was a nail salon located in the building next to the one where I was living in so her question did not confuse me more. On the contrary, what confused me more was that she was just standing there with half of a smile on her face for what seemed as an eternity. She did not say anything. After a while of thinking if I should just close the door, I decided to speak out:“There is a nail salon next door.” - Nothing; she did not reply, she did not speak at all anymore. I was pointing to the front door trying to explain to her where the nail salon is but she would not move.
“Do you want me to show you where it is?” – I asked. She just nodded yes. I climbed down the stairs and she was following me. As I went to open the front door, I realized the doors were locked.
“It’s locked.” – I remember I said it out loud because it confused me so much. The woman just looked at me as if she knew the doors were locked. I went upstairs to get the key and unlocked the door. She still would not leave! I pointed with a hand towards the nail salon but nothing, she was just standing there. It literally took for me to lead her to the front doors of the nail salon when she finally let me go. The truth is, she still had that blank expression of confusion with half smile while I was leaving.
I returned back to my apartment, sat on my bed and wondered: “what just happened?”
The next day I decided to ask my neighbors if they maybe let her in. Their answer was no, they did not.

Today, years later, I still wonder about the mysterious woman with half smile and how she entered the building managing to leave the doors locked behind her. As much as I retell this event to different people, no one seems to come up with a satisfying conclusion to the story. 

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Mandy, Canada's Most Famous Haunted Doll

Back in 1991, creepy looking doll by the name of Mandy was donated to the Quesnel Museum in Canada. Soon after, the museum staff started experiencing series of unexplained events; mysterious footsteps were heard when no one was around; items would go missing; electronics would malfunction; staff’s launches would disappear and would later be found in a drawer and many more. Once, when the doll was left alone, the staff found paper towels thrown all around the room. It did not take long for Mandy to gain the reputation of Canada's most famous haunted doll.

But why would someone donate the doll to the museum in the first place? The truth is, strange occurrences were happening around Mandy even before the museum became her home. According to, Mandy was made between 1910 and 1920 in either Germany or England. She was owned by a lady named Mereanda who also donated the doll to the museum due to the reason that it made her anxious among other happenings. Allegedly, the woman would hear a baby crying in the basement where the doll was kept. Once the doll was removed from the house and put in the museum, the crying mysteriously stopped. Furthermore, Mandy could not be kept with other dolls because she would “harm” them. The full background of the doll is unknown. However, there was a story suggesting that a little girl died in a basement with the doll. Eventually, the owner had enough and decided to donate the doll.

Once the doll was brought to the museum, visitors started complaining about uneasiness when looking at the doll as if something is very wrong with it. Also, the photographs taken of the doll would either not turn out or would have strange anomalies on them including blurred pictures and light anomalies. Furthermore, batteries are known to be completely drained in the presence of Mandy among different electronic malfunctions around the doll. Some even claim they have noticed her move without any possible reason; her eyes would blink or follow people around and there are reports of her fingers moving on their own as well. Moreover, Mandy would move around oh her own to different display cases. Eventually, Mandy was placed further back in the museum and a psychic was brought to investigate. The psychic concluded that Mandy was inhabited by something or someone who was suffering from much abuse. There are theories suggesting what or who it may be that inhabits the doll however, none of these theories are proven. Nowadays, the museum continues to be Mandy’s permanent residence. She still continues to cause different unexplained happenings.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Click-Click Game (Intelligent Haunting)

The story that I am about to tell you happened quite recently, maybe a few months ago. It was not scary occurrence but rather unusual and actually kind of funny now that I think about it.

So, a few months ago I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep. As I was trying to fall asleep, I heard what sounded like something was lightly touching my bag; click-click. I did not think anything of it concluding it was probably a bug. However, the sound kept getting louder and faster. I was curious so I got up to see what it is. The minute I turned on the lights and went to check, it stopped. I was looking around trying to figure out what could be creating that sound but I could not find a reason for it; I did not see a bug and everything was still and calm. So, I brushed it off, turned down the lights and went back to bed. Not a minute had passed when the clicking started again. It sounded exactly the same as before and it kept getting louder and faster so I get up again. The moment I got up, the sound stopped. I gave it a try and searched for the reason more intensely but I could not find it anything! Eventually, I went back to bed once again. Pretty quickly after I went back to bed, the clicking started again. At this point I did not feel like getting up anymore so I grabbed my phone to light the area where the sound was coming from. The minute I turned the lights on my phone, the sound stopped. This is when I was pretty much expecting a sound to be heard and I decided to accept this game. I turned on flashlight on my phone but put the part of the phone with the flashlight facing down so that I can quickly grab it when the sound starts. Interestingly enough, it seemed that whatever was playing with me knew what I was doing. So, I was lying in bed with my phone ready waiting for a sound. It quickly started: click-click. I quickly went to grab my phone and the sound stopped even before I grabbed my phone. My hand stopped near the phone and I pulled my hand back. Only moments later, the sound started again. This time I was slowly trying to get to my phone. As I did that, the sound kept clicking slower and quieter. It seemed as if it was more careful. I kept doing the same thing for a while and got the same results! After a while, the sounds were more and fainter and truthfully, I was getting tired. I left my flashlight on because it appeared it made the sound fainter or as it seemed careful. As I was trying to fall asleep, I heard it a few more times but it eventually stopped.

Looking back, I thought it was pretty cool; it feels like I was playing with a ghost! I do not share this story as much because it is not as spectacular as people expect stories to be in the realm of paranormal. However, this might have been one of the coolest happenings of intelligent haunting that I have experienced.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

White Eyed Children

Once you learn about Black Eyed Children and start to dig deeper, you might stumble upon similar type of beings called White Eyed Children. There is not as much information about white eyed children as there is about black eyed children and reports of encounters are much rarer as well. This might lead many to believe that white eyed children are just a spin off in the story of black eyed children while others, especially those who encountered them, claim that they are very real.

Instant similarities with black eyed children are their eyes. In this case their eyes are white without pupils or any other color to them, just sclera or white of the eye going across the entire eyes. Furthermore, their skin is usually described as very pale to the point of almost being translucent. Their hair is also reported to be very white and pale however many could not correctly remember the color and style of their hair. Unlike black eyed children who usually appear as 12 to 18 years old, white eyed children look as if they are of ages 5 to 13. Therefore, black eyed children might appear as teenagers while white eyed children generally look like kids. They also tend to be very petite; small, short and skinny.

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There are different reports of encounters with white eyed children but they all share some similarities. They are mostly seen in isolated or abandoned areas including woods, camp sites and other. Furthermore, encounters with them are more frequent around the Native American areas and there are lots of reports from Canada. Unlike black eyed children who might come in groups, white eyed children usually appear alone. Sometimes, but very rarely might they come as a duo. The encounter might start similar to black eyed children; knocking on your car window or your front door asking you for something. However, these cases are much rarer with white eyed children. They will more likely suddenly appear in your house when you least expect it and out of nowhere. They will just stand and stare at you in silence completely expressionless and motionless. Moreover, they do not feel as evil as black eyed children but instinctually, you will get the feeling that something is off. White eyed children are also known to have some type of mind control abilities. People report being strongly influenced by white eyes children and that it takes a lot to wrestle that feeling off. Communication with white eyed children is much different. Reportedly, instead of hearing their voice when they speak to you, you can feel their voice as if they are communicating telepathically. However, you are not aware that they are communicating telepathically with you; instead everything seems normal except the odd feeling. It is only once you either notice their white eyes or when they disappear in thin air, that you realize how impossible entire situation is. Strangely enough, people report seeing them hours or even days after the encounter just watching them. Sometimes they might even follow your vehicle and you might notice them anywhere staring at you. Moreover, they are known to leave trace behind them in the form of handprints. Many report finding strange handprints on their vehicle after the encounter.

White eyed children are mostly seen by older people. Therefore, some concluded that they might be some form of “messengers of death”. According to that theory, they come as a warning sign that soon someone is going to die. However, there have been encounters that do not necessarily fit into that theory. Much like with anything else paranormal, we are left without many answers. Who are they? What do they want? Why do they appear? Do they even exist in the first place? All of these questions still remain a mystery.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Haunted Dolls

When the topic of your research is paranormal, more than once will you ran into supposedly haunted dolls. Well, not literally run into them, at least not yet and hopefully not any time soon. But, back on topic, haunted dolls seem to intrigue paranormal enthusiasts more than any other object and the resources for haunted dolls seem to be endless with the new ones emerging as we speak. I have already written about some of them; Robert, Anabelle and Peggy. Apparently, there has to be something about dolls that freaks us out more than any other item.

A haunted doll is a doll or a stuffed animal thought to be cursed or possessed by supernatural forces. The earliest report of a haunted doll dates back to Egypt when the enemies of Ramses III attempted to murder him with a use of wax doll that resembles him. There have been numerous allegations of haunted dolls through history; from voodoo dolls, cursed dolls to possessed dolls. However, it was not until last few hundred years that people started to keep track of specific haunted dolls.


Click on the picture of the doll if you would like to learn more about specific doll.

Symptoms of a haunted doll are pretty much the same as for any other object or any other haunting for that matter; recognizing strange or unexplained events occurring in relation to an object, in this case, doll. The following might be some of the reported symptoms of a haunting:

  • Noticing unexplainable movements of a doll,
  • The doll in question might go missing and appear in the same or different place,
  • Feeling a presence or feeling a sensation of being watched by the doll,
  • Hearing sounds or voices coming from the doll,
  • Noticing animals behaving differently, mostly alert, around the doll,
  • Experiencing unknown physical contact in relation to a doll,
  • Electrical or appliance malfunction might occur,
  • Actually seeing an apparition that might relate to a doll.

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Haunted objects exhibit phenomenon similar to other allegedly possessed items. So, what is it about dolls in particular that they have become such a big part of paranormal community conquering all other objects? Maybe it has something to do with the fear of these humanoid objects. Apparently, pediophobia or a fear of dolls is quite a common type of phobia. Psychologists theorize that humans do not like non-living objects that resembles them. Our minds are confused by the nature of such objects thinking if one resembles human, one should act like a human. However, dolls do not fit into that category; they might look realistic but not quite and they certainly are not displaying expected human behavior. Although we might logically understand that a doll is simply an item created by people, the uncanny feeling stays. This feeling is only our mind trying to protect us from something perceived as different. When we perceive something as different, our brain immediately goes into defense mode leaving us with a sense of danger, fear or even repulsion within us so that we can appropriately act if needed to protect ourselves. Therefore, our mind just wants us to be careful with the unknown. Also, might I add that dolls might remind us of corpses which not only remind us of emotionally tragic losses but of times when the diseases were spread through improper disposal of bodies. Therefore, it is our natural impulse to stray away from it. When it comes to dolls in particular, we are also being preyed on an inner child within us. Children imagine their toys coming alive which might be fun but it might end up being a reason for a nightmare. Furthermore, the fear of dolls might occur when a person faces frightening or aggressive experiences concerning dolls. Therefore the same as with everything else, each person’s fears are result of its own life experience and perception of reality.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Rainbow Children

Rainbow children are known as the third generation of special star children. Star children are believed to be new types of humans who were born in order to change the world for the better. They are very imaginative and creative; have a very high positive energy; deliver different yet wise ideas and opinions; report various experiences with paranormal and they simply stand out as different in society. First generation of star children noticed were famous indigo children. Indigos were followed by crystal children and the third generation is just beginning to arrive; they are named rainbow children and are believed to the the builders of a new world.


As mentioned, they are being born today (2010s) and are yet to be born in the future, however there are exceptions who were born prior to 2010s. It is believed that crystal children, a generation which rainbows follow, are their parents. Moreover, majority of them are thought to be incarnated on this planet for the first time meaning their souls have never lived on this planet before. Therefore, they are being born onto this Earth straight from God's pure light. This means they have no karma to work on while living on Earth which allows them to choose any type of life they wish. This is why majority of them live in pretty functional families rather than chaotic ones; there is no need to choose a dysfunctional family since they do not have karmic lessons to be learned. Since rainbows are being born straight from God's light and love, they are at their spiritual peak. This makes them the best possible role model so far to follow in order to change the world for the better. They the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our true potential. 


A rainbow child can be noticed by a very high positive energy they display; higher than any other star child. They show enthusiasm for life and over everything in life. Although their enthusiasm might be confused with hyperactivity, it is visibly true and it can recognized as such through their display of both joy and serenity, simultaneously. Therefore, their high energy is not overplayed instead it simply is. This can be seen through their families as they are usually the ones bringing their families joy and harmony. 

Even if their positive energy is somehow threatened by unpleasant emotions, they will recover from it pretty quickly and continue to smile. They manage to do so by looking at the world from the highest perspective; they do not define people by just one situation or event instead they will see your life as a whole, understand your position and even adapt to it. They are very forgiving and will always forgive due to the reason that it is not within their nature to be angry or hold grudges. Even if there is a misunderstanding with a rainbow child which ends up unsolved, know that rainbows ultimately always forgive. They simply cannot do it other way. On the contrary, any kindness given to a rainbow child will return to you tenfold. 

Furthermore, another thing that will make rainbows stand out in this world is their ability to be fearless. They might come off as if they are careless, however the truth is, they are absolutely openhearted which makes them simply fearless to situations, events or people majority of society does. They love unconditionally and fear no one. Luckily, even if they adapt to the world, their strong wills and personalities will eventually always lead them back to the path of universal love.

As all of the star children, rainbows are very creative which might be shown through different creative outlets (painting, music, writing, design etc.) When rainbows are doing something creative, they are very passionate about it and some might even choose it as their career path. Moreover, they  are specifically attuned to colors. Sometimes, the phenomenon of synesthesia might be present in their lives. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to another automatic and involuntary experience in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. For example, rainbows might see the colors while thinking about days of the week (Monday might be blue, Tuesday might be yellow, Wednesday might be pink and so on). The experiences with synesthesia vary from one individual from the other. Rainbows in particular are believed to be very attuned to color vibration.

On the more mystical note, rainbows, like all the other star children, are very prone to having paranormal experiences. They are very telepathic and will show signs of several psychic abilities. Furthermore, rainbows are thought to be natural healers. Another astonishing trait concerns rainbows ability to process junk food. While majority of people might suffer consequences from eating unhealthy, rainbows are believed to be immune to it.

Rainbows are known to be the masters of manifestation; another thing that comes completely natural to them. They are believed to be able to instantly manifest whatever they wish. As they adapt to this world, creative yet positive rainbows will create their own arsenal of defense mechanisms instead of searching for the answers outside of them. They naturally know that they are in control of things happening in their lives and further. This happens because they are very aware of their thoughts and understand them very well. Therefore, they are able to pull out of any possible harmful thoughts pretty easy. 

Such attitude towards life makes them be able to change the world. Rainbows understand that giving ultimately brings more happiness than receiving but that it is not selfish to receive instead we are helping others to be happy. They naturally understand the way this sustainable circle of service works. This is how they are slowly changing the world for the better; one good deed at a time.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Possessed House in Bilje, Croatia

For such a small country Croatia seems to be the home for many haunted locations. We have already covered several of them: haunted house in Škrinjari, haunted island Lokrum and haunted highway near the town of Nova Gradiška. Today, we bring you yet another allegedly haunted location in Croatia; the eerie possessed house in Bilje situated near the City of Osijek.

Story about the allegedly possessed house begins when a group of people interested in spiritualism decided to conjure spirits in the house. Supposedly, they lit up six black candles and read from the book for conjuring spirits. Something went terribly wrong and they ended up summoning something darker. Something they weren't able to get rid of. After a while, the priest was called to the house but ended up giving up and leaving after the dresser fell right in front of him. Things got so bad that an exorcist was eventually called to the house. After the ritual was performed, everything seemed to be fine. Unfortunately, the peace lasted for only few days when the entity returned.

No one till present day was able to get rid of the entity haunting the house in Bilje. Moreover, one person who used to live in the house died mysteriously. Although doctors diagnosed a natural death, questions arise since the deceased was only in its twenties.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Bizarre Mistery of the Jamison Family

There are rare cases when you have so much yet so little to write about. This is one of them. Facts of this mystery can be written in less than ten sentences yet one can write an entire book about all the unanswered questions and possible answers. This story starts in October 2009 when the Jamison family mysteriously vanished. Their disappearance was an open case until November, 2013 when their skeletal remains were found only to raise more questions. Cause of the family’s death was never determined and circumstances surrounding their disappearance remain a mystery.


Last Photo;
photo of Madyson found on Bobby's
phone prior to the disappearance

Jamisons were the average family from Eufaula, Oklahoma, US. The family consisted of father Bobby Dale Jamison, mother Sherilynn Leighann Jamison and daughter Madyson Stormy Star Jamison. The family was looking to purchase a land near Red Oak, Oklahoma when their mysterious disappearance was reported. After a few days into the investigation, their pickup truck was found abandoned in Latimer County, Oklahoma. The family’s dog was found in the car along with their IDs, wallets, mobile phones, GPS system and around $32,000 in cash. However, their bodies were not found and there were no definite clues to the case until 2013. In November, 2013 two hunters discovered two skeletal remains of adults and one of a child around the area where the family’s pickup truck had been abandoned. Although the remains were wildly presumed to be those of the Jamison family, it was not until July 3, 2014 that the officials confirmed the bodies belonged to the family. However, medical examiners could not conclude what was the cause of their death.

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When such inconclusive case happens, new internet obsession is born and different theories start to emerge. There are numerous theories online and surprisingly all of them are very convincing. When you scratch beneath the surface of this story, you can easily agree with police when they state that they have not been able to determent or eliminate anything. Therefore, all of the following theories remain a possibility.

The area of disappearance

Accident? Many believe that the simplest explanation is usually the one closest to the truth. Therefore, some theorize that the family simply wondered off, got lost and eventually died of hypothermia. In favor to this theory goes the fact that the area of their disappearance is prone to floods and can be very dangerous, especially in October. However their bodies were found strangely side by side. Furthermore, Jamisons’s friends and family say that if they are sure of anything at this point, then it is that their deaths were certainly not accidental claiming that Bobby was very competent outdoors. Sherilyn’s mother, Connie Kokotan, makes a good point as well to MailOnline: “There’s no way they just wandered off and got lost. […] The way their truck was left, it looks like it had been forced to stop by someone.” All of the family’s items have been left in the truck and it looks as if the truck suddenly just stopped. The whole scenario seems a bit off for it to be an accident, especially when you start exploring deeper.

A family member? According to, less than six months before their vanishing, the Jamison family was threatened with violence by one of their closest relatives. Bobby Jamison filed a petition in McIntosh County for a protective order claiming that his own father threatened him and his family in November 2008 and in April 2009. Bobby claimed that his father was involved with prostitutes, gangs and meth as well as that he thinks he is above the law. In May 2009, the protective order was dismissed after a judge heard testimony from those involved. In addition to filing the petition for protective order, Bobby Jamison was also suing his parents at the time of his disappearance claiming that he worked for free at one of his parents’ businesses and the his father owed him property and two vehicles. The lawsuit is still pending in Oklahoma County District Court. Bobby’s father, Bob Dean Jamison, died of natural causes in December 2009, two months after the family’s disappearance.
However, relatives of Jamisons do not believe Bobby’s parents were involved with their murder. They say that Bobby’s father was troubled at the time and that they had family issues but nothing that would lead to murder. Furthermore, after the Jamison family vanished, investigators were led to believe that Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison might have been scammers. They received disability checks and sued three people in Oklahoma County over a car accident in 2005.

Cult of white supremacists? The third theory suggests that the family might have been a victim of a cult dedicated to white supremacy. Apparently, Sherilyn who was of Indian origin was harassed by the mentioned cult. It resulted with Sherilyn pointing a gun at a man who was making disturbing racist comments towards her as well as mentioning he has links to neo-nazism. Moreover, family friend Nicki claimed that she received a strange call from a woman after the Jamisons disappeared. The woman told her that Sharilyn has been feuding with a cult called The United White Knights and that they had killed her and the rest.

Video still of a security camera footage
showing Sherilyn and Bobby
in a trance-like state.

Drug dealing? On top of all problems surrounding this family, next theory suggests drugs as well. Firstly, the area where they vanished has a reputation of drug dealing. Moreover it is reported that both Bobby and Sherilyn looked very skinny and lightheaded prior to their disappearance. In addition, they were also claiming that their house is possessed which could also be the effect of drug use. These events led some to believe drugs and possibly drug dealing was involved, meth in particular. That would explain the large amount of cash family had with them. However, during the investigation, police did not find any drugs in their home. Also, Jamison’s friends and family report that they were known for having large amounts of cash with them. If Bobby and Sherilyn were not involved in drug dealing, there is a possibility that they walked into one and simply knew too much. Furthermore, Bobby allegedly reported someone in the local area for running a meth lab.

Murder-suicide? This theory rounds it all up. With the troubles they have been facing, some theorize that the family simply had enough. Moreover, both Sherilyn and Bobby have suffered from depression throughout their lives. Sherilyn has fallen into severe depression in 2007 when her sister passed away and had to take medication for it. On the other hand, Bobby suffered an accident which left him with constant pains and eventually led him to depression as well. Another interesting fact fits in with this theory; the police found a spiteful letter written by Sherilyn to her husband in their abandoned car. Supposedly, the letter was full of hate and anger towards her husband. On top of that, her pistol was missing. However, the letter was later explained as Sherilyn’s form of therapy. Some say the family would never do such thing. Moreover, if the parents had issues between them, it would not concern their daughter.
Sherilyn wrote loving and happy messages over
devil-worshiping messages on this wreck of a car.

Paranormal? Last, but the strangest theory of all is the one claiming that it all happened due to paranormal phenomenon. The paranormal theory was sparked during the investigation when family pastor Gary Brandon stated during that the family was involved in spiritual warfare. Moreover, Bobby and Sherilyn told their pastor that they had seen spirits in their home. Some of their family and friends agree that the house might have haunted while others do not take it seriously. Niki, Sherilyn’s friend, reports that she felt horrible presence in the Jamison house. She also explained that she saw unexplainable grey mist in the living room descending from the stairs. It got to the point that Bobby consulted a Satanic Bible in order to try and get rid of the evil presence in their home. Furthermore, Sherilyn wrote positive and happy messages over devil-worshiping messages over a wreck of a car. Some believe this act might have upset someone in the area.

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These are just some of the most common theories; the internet is full of other ideas about what happened to the Jamison family. Some are even suggesting that they are in the witness protection program and that both their disappearance and death have been staged. At this point, anything could be considered a possibility. Hopefully, one day we will come to a conclusion to this mysterious story but something tells me it may remain one of those unsolved mysteries that people will be fascinated with and trying to figure out for a long time.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mysterious Daylight in the Middle of the Night

The following is the true story which happened a few years back. Interestingly enough, the phenomena happened around the same time to both my friend and me. However, at the time we were physically separated by miles.

One hot summer, I woke up in the middle of the night and jut could not fall back to sleep again. It seemed it that was going to be one of those nights of tossing and turning for me. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere both the room and the outdoors were filled with blinding bright light. It was as if it was daylight in the middle of the night. The flash of mysterious daylight lasted for about a split second when it completely disappeared. I was lying in bed expecting a thunder or, basically anything that would satisfy the logical part of my brain. However, nothing happened; it wasn’t thundering, nothing. That is when I got out of the bed and went to the window to check the outside. As I gazed outside of my window, everything was peaceful and calm. There were no signs of storm and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. On the contrary, the night was surprisingly calm and peaceful. It was almost unusual.
Several miles away from me, my friend was asleep. Neither of us can surely confirm that it was the same night but it was most definitely the same summer. In continuation, she woke up in the middle of the night as well. However, what she woke up to was a loud noise as if there was an airplane crash nearby. The destructive noise was followed by a big bright light which lit up both her room and the outdoors. She claims the experience lasted for only a split second as well. After the occurrence, she found herself in confusion. Therefore, she decided to go and check what is happening outside. As she was approaching her bedroom window, she looked outside only to find that everything was very peaceful as if nothing had occurred. 
A few months later the fall was coming and my friend and I got together after a month of separation. As we were just randomly chatting, she was the one who started to retell her experience first. I could not believe my ears. It was the exact same story as mine except with one difference; I did not hear any sound with light. As my friend was explaining her experience, she said that she actually took it upon herself to search for nearby plane crashes or any possible rational explanations, but there was absolutely nothing what could explain the event. She claims, she might have imagined the entire occurrence while in hypogognic state in her sleep and she is right. We might have imagined it and all of it is just a bizarre coincidence. Furthermore, I tried to search for similar experiences but could not find any. I also tried to look for an explanation but failed. The only possible logical explanation for the occurrence would be dream combined with coincidence. The truth is, I do not know.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

True Story Behind the Movie Haunting in Connecticut

When I was younger I remember watching a documentary that fascinated me so much that I watched it several times on repeat. The documentary told a story of a family who moves in to the house in Connecticut only to find out that their new home is haunted. It was few years later when a movie Haunting in Connecticut was released. This 2009 psychological horror film told the story of the same family with a bit more of a Hollywood aspect to it. Let’s put Hollywood to the side and take a look at what really happened within the walls of the allegedly haunted house in Connecticut.


The Snedeker family was quite a big family consisting of mother, father, three children and a cousin. All six of them decided to move to a small town of Southington, Conneticut in 1986 in order for them to be closer to a hospital at which the oldest son was being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
While the family was moving, father, Al ran across a disturbing discovery in the basement. Apparently, the basement was sectioned into several rooms and one room in particular was quite strange. This room was filled with tables and different tools which lead to the realization that their new bought house was once a funeral home. Furthermore, the rooms in the basement eventually became bedrooms for two sons.
Quickly after the family moved in, they started experiencing unexplained phenomena; strange apparitions would be seen, items would disappear, voices and sounds could be heard as well as a smell of rotting flesh that could be sensed through the house. The apparitions were usually seen wearing a tuxedo. Furthermore, once while mother was mopping the floor, the water started turning into thick, dark red liquid.
Among this phenomena occurring, the oldest son started to exhibit radical personality shifts. He became withdrawn, angry and started writing poetry about necrophilia. During one of the episodes, he attacked his cousin and tried to rape her. This is when his family had him arrested and taken for an evaluation. Eventually, he was pronounced schizophrenic and was removed from the house until he seemed to get better.  Moreover, the now not only strange but also violent phenomena continued to occur. Reportedly, both Carmen (mother), her husband and her niece were repeatedly raped by paranormal entities.
When family hit what seemed to be a dead end, they turned to paranormal investigators and called famous Ed and Lorraine Warren to their home. The Warrens stayed at the house for several weeks and after experiencing and witnessing radical paranormal phenomenon, they deemed it necessary for an exorcism of a property. Allegedly, the exorcism cleared the property. The family lived in the house for two more years after the exorcism before they moved to Tennessee.

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According to Lorraine Warren, the movie was very loosely based on the actual events. The movie might have fabricated the story but the same as with any other paranormal phenomena, the question arises: Was the original story fabricated as well? I guess, we can blindly believe or cynically call them a fraud. 
Some think that it is no wonder a family experienced unexplained phenomenon with all the stress that has been bothering this family; both financial and health issues. Therefore, something somewhere just had to snap. Others claim that this was simply yet another shameless exploitation for money. However, writes that he came across the message board where two brothers posted that they have lived in the house in Connecticut and that the house is definitely haunted just not to the extent described by the Snedekers.
Much like with any other paranormal phenomenon, it is hard to conclude by saying the house is haunted or that the house is not haunted. The only truth is, let’s keep out minds open to both of these being a possibility.

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