Monday, July 25, 2016

Haunted Chair of Death

Haunted objects have been one of the most popular topics in the field of paranormal. The most common items considered to be haunted are most certainly dolls. However, the range of possessed objects covers pretty much all objects imaginable. In this article, we will learn about the allegedly haunted chair or more famously known as the chair of death.

The chair of death is an oak chair whose owner was a murderer Thomas Busby. In 1702, Thomas Busby was convicted of murdering his father-in-law Daniel Auty. Bubsy allegedly strangled Auty for sitting in his chair after an argument with his wife. This crime caused Busby to be sentenced to death. Supposendly, on his way to the execution Bubsy asked to stop at the pub where he stated that anyone who sits in his chair will die. 

After Bubsy's execution, the chair stayed at the pub for centuries. The mystery arose when Bubsy's words started to come true. During World War II the pub became popular among airman. That is when people started noticing that airman who would sit in the chair would not return from the war. Besides airman, there have been numerous deaths connected to the chair through the years. Eventually, the pub owner decided to put the chair in the basement. Despite the chair being in the basement, a delivery man found the chair and sat in it. An hour later, the man crashed his truck and died. That was the incident which prompted the owner of the pub to get rid of the chair when he gave it to the local museum.

The chair resides in the museum located in North Yorkshire, England. The chair is lifted in the air in order to prevent anyone from sitting in it. Allegedly, till present day 63 people who sat on the chair died mysteriously. Furthermore, it is believed that prior to the death, the person would experience symptoms of haunting including hearing and seeing things, paranoia, confusion, objects moving and many other strange happenings.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Case of Elisa Lam

Photo of Elisa Lam, 21
The infamous case of Elisa Lam truly is, without a doubt, one of the most baffling cases of modern times. What started as a disappearance case quickly turned into a mystery of global proportions. So, what was it about this specific case that captured worldwide attention of many? Simply put, a lot of really strange and unexplained stuff surrounding this case.


Elisa Lam, 21, was the average girl from Vancouver, Canada who in January of 2013, decided to take a trip to California. During her trip she stayed at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Some witnesses report everything seemed to be going quite well for Elisa during her trip. However, on the day when she was supposed to check out of the hotel, she never showed up. That is when the police was notified about her disappearance and when the mystery started to emerge.


A week into the search for the missing girl, police released a video which gave this disappearance a whole new meaning. It was the video footage of Elisa Lam filmed in an elevator of the Cecil Hotel at the night of her disappearance. This video is one of the most bizarre videos that could be found online. It showed the girl acting strangely and even paranoid in an elevator; she was pressing buttons without obvious reasoning, communicating with someone who is not seen as well as ducking in and out of the elevator as if she is hiding from someone. The released video reached over three million views in only ten days quickly turning it into a viral internet obsession of many who wanted to know what caused this girl to act so bizarrely. To see the infamous footage, click here. The video was not the only thing which captured the interest of the internet. Strangely enough, Elisa’s Tumblr blog was updated several times after her disappearance making this case even more suspicious.


As the interest in the case was rapidly rising, back at the Cecil Hotel guests started complaining about the dark sour-tasting water out of the hotel’s taps. In order to investigate the situation, a hotel maintenance man went on the roof to inspect the water tank. What he discovered was shocking at least. He found the dead body inside of the water tank.  The police confirmed that it was the body of the missing girl, Elisa Lam. Although the girl’s body was found, the case was not closed instead it sparked even questions which are yet to be answered. It is unknown how the girl managed to get to the roof top since it is protected by alarmed door. Furthermore, in order for her to get into the water tank she would have to climb up three-meter ladder and open the large water tank, get in and close it behind her. It is still not completely known how she managed to get into the water tank. Eventually, Elisa Lam’s death was ruled as accidental leaving most of the mysteries unresolved.


However, the internet communities were not satisfied with the resolution and did not rest on this case till this day due to the bizarre coincidences surrounding this case. Firstly, at the time of Elisa Lam’s death, the Centers for Disease Control dispatched a team to stem the largest outbreak of tuberculosis in a decade on Skid Row. It only happens that the Cecil Hotel where Elisa was staying was on the Skid Row, LA. The name for the test used to identify the potential victims was LAM-ELISA. Some believed this was way too crazy to be a coincidence.

Another really strange detail involves the 2005 movie “Dark Water” whose plot is strangely similar to Elisa Lam’s case. In the movie guests in a hotel start noticing a strange taste of the tap water only to find out the reason for it is the girl’s dead body in hotel’s water tank.

Furthermore, internet quickly picked up on the Cecil Hotel’s dark history and, apparently, Elisa Lam was not the only victim there. Trough the times there have been numerous suicides, murders and disappearances as well as serial killers staying at the mentioned hotel. Needless to say that many people viewed this as not yet another bizarre coincidence. As far as this case goes, there are just too many strange details for all of them to be coincidences.


As expected numerous different theories were spewed out about what could have happened to Elisa Lam. One of the first was the one stating Elisa might have been on drugs. That might explain her erratic behavior but it does not explain how she managed to get through the alarmed door and into the water tank. Moreover, during further analysis and autopsy, it was confirmed that drugs were not found in her body.

Many taught this was obvious murder claiming that she was hiding from the attacker in the elevator and was eventually murdered in the water tank. However, autopsy showed no signs of trauma or struggle leaving us back at the dead end.

Next theory suggests she might have suffered psychotic episode. Allegedly, Elisa has been suffering from depression and bipolar disorder which would explain her paranoid behavior in the elevator. It was reported she was taking medication for the mentioned disorders. However, it arises the same question of how did she get through the alarmed door and into the water tank? Many say simplest explanation might be the most valid one. Therefore, there is a possibility that some of the staff members accidentally left the door open as well as the water tank. Some claim Cecil Hotel kept quiet about this to avoid the blame. However since there seemed to be a lot of other really strange coincidences, some people simply were not satisfied with this explanation. As if there needed to be something more.

This is where the internet theories took place claiming various different possibilities of Elisa Lam’s case. Some say she was murdered by the government because she either knew something she was not supposed to know or she was a secret guinea pig for the new anti-tuberculosis drug. Others claim she was involved in a ritualistic play of fanatics who were recreating the previously mentioned movie Dark Waters. The third claim the girl was possessed by either a spirit of the hotel or something even darker. There have been several psychics trying to figure out what happened to Elisa and all seemed to have suffered extreme nausea and negativity while trying to connect to her final days. Majority of them claim she had been surrounded by negative entities during that time.

With so many people intrigued and interested in her case, it is not a surprise so many theories already exist. The truth is no one can surely say what happened in those final days of Elisa Lam’s life and it will probably stay a mystery forever. However, Elisa Lam surely became famous and more importantly she made us think and question our reality which can change and switch in a second. 

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Croatia's Most Famous Haunted Highway

There are numerous alleged haunted roads in different countries all around the world and Croatia is not an exception when it comes to such phenomenon. We have already explored some of Croatia’s alleged haunted locations including the most famous haunted house and the haunted island Lokrum. Since Croatia seems to be predominant country of our research, it seems only natural to take a look into its most haunted road. In fact, the alleged haunted road in Croatia is known as one of the most famous haunted locations in the entire country.

Croatia’s most haunted road is a highway spreading from the capital; Zagreb to the city of Slavonski Brod. The area with the most paranormal activity on the highway is situated around the town of Nova Gradiška. This particular location is a place of reoccurring unexplainable events. To start with, many people driving on this road report different electronic anomalies including car radio turning on and off as well as phones and other electronics not working properly while in this area. Furthermore, while driving on this road many experience sudden loss of concentration as well as the phenomenon of an unknown force pulling the car in the opposite direction. All of these reports are just the tip of the iceberg making the following experiences really questioning us weather something paranormal might actually be happening on this particular highway. A number of drivers passing through this road state they have witnessed apparitions of black shadows walking down the road. The strangest apparitions reported include those of random full figure people appearing and disappearing out of nowhere in the middle of the road. Sadly, this phenomenon caused many car accidents of which some were tragic and even fatal. Imagine driving down the road when suddenly a group of people is walking towards you. That is when you instantly, without any hesitation, hit breaks. Unfortunately, such instinctual reaction might end up in a tragic car crash. The truth is it has ended fatally numerous times before. Many people lost lives on this road including even some celebrities which only added to the infamous popularity of the highway near Nova Gradiška. Celebrities who came to a tragic end on this road include Macedonian singer Toše Proeski and the actress Dolores Lambaša. However, there are those who survived these otherworldly encounters and they are the ones who end up reporting the unexplainable phenomenon.

As always, we ask ourselves: what could cause such events? Well, there are several different theories which could possibly explain the strange occurrences. Firstly, some say such events are mainly caused by strong magnetic fields in this area as well as subterrean waters. However, others believe in the legend about the old widow in black. According to the legend, the widowed woman managed to outlive several generations of her neighbors with the help of different potions. Allegedly, she is the one haunting the specific highway. Moreover, probably the most famous theory is the one stating that the highway was built on the old graveyard. Allegedly, the tombstones were moved to the new cemetery but the corpses stayed underground due to the reason that it was too expensive and too complicated to move all corpses to a new cemetery. Therefore, the road was just built over the graves which allegedly disturbed the deceased. 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Psychiatrist Shares With the World: "I Help Spot Demonic Possession"

Through centuries, people have been misdiagnosed with spirit possession when, in reality, they were suffering from different mental disorders. Nowadays, with the development of science, people are more likely to rely medicine rather than using exorcism as a form of curing mental disorders. However, what happens when a patient exhibits behavior which exceeds our current scientific knowledge. Psychiatrist and professor at New York Medical College, Richard Gallagher, found himself in the similar situation and decided to share his experiences at


Richard Gallagher always thought of himself as a man of science and lover of history. He studied at Princeton, trained psychiatry at Yale and psychoanalysis at Columbia. His career took a little bit of a different turn in the late 1980s when he was approached by a Catholic priest who asked Richard for his professional opinion about woman's mental help. 


The woman in question was a self-styled Satanic high priestess who called herself a witch. Typically, she wore dark clothes and black eye shadow around her temples. At first, Richard was skeptic due to the fact that both the popularity and national panic of Satanism was at rise in the States. However, as he got deeper into the case, Richard started noticing that her behavior exceeded what he could explain with his training. He explains that the woman knew people's hidden weaknesses including undue pride; she knew how individuals she's never known had died including Richard's mother's death by ovarian cancer; six people have confirmed that she had been speaking multiple languages unfamiliar to her outside her trances including Latin. Therefore, Richard believes this was not a state of psychosis and he could only describe it as paranormal concluding the woman was possessed.


This is when the unlikely partnership between Richard and the priest, who also happens to be one of the best exorcists in the States, had started. They have been working together for the past two-and-a-half decades filtering mental disorders from possession. While majority of their patients suffer from medical disorder, there are some cases that are just too unreal to be diagnosed as such. Through his work, Richard states that he had witnessed patients exhibit an unexplained strength; levitation; hidden knowledge (patients knew hidden sins, stranger's loved ones death cause, where people are at a given moment). 

As he was working on his unusual job, especially for an academic physician, Richard was surprised by the number of people who believe in paranormal but are afraid to speak out. He is aware of how strange all of this is and why people would be afraid to speak out but he had decided to put his fears aside in order to help people in need. Therefore, he is not interested in convincing skeptics into believing in paranormal instead he is here to simply offer help to people who were left without scientific options. In order to do so, all he needs is open-mindedness, respect for evidence and compassion for suffering people. 

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Robert, the Original Chucky Doll

In November of 1988 horror movie called Child’s Play was released. It was a movie about the now famously known creepy killer doll Chucky. Movie quickly became globally famous following several other Child’s Play movies while the character of Chucky became one of the most famous classic horror movie characters. Although majority of us have at least heard of Chucky, did you know that he was based on real life doll? The truth is one of the most famous haunted dolls in the world Robert was an inspiration for the Chucky character in the movie Child’s Play. In the following article, we will take a closer look at the allegedly possessed doll; Robert.

According to, Robert the Doll was handmade by the Steiff Company of Germany at the turn of the 20th century. The doll was named after its owner, the young boy by the name of Robert Eugene Otto. It is believed that the doll was given to the boy by a Bahamian servant of the Otto family. Allegedly the Otto family mistreated the servant girl. However, the girl happened to practice voodoo and then decided to give the doll to the boy as the revenge. Furthermore, the boy and the doll were inseparable often referred to as “best friends”. The boy would spend lots of his time with the doll and the parents claim they would often hear their son talking to the doll. The boy would even blame the doll when he would misbehave saying: “I didn’t do it. Robert did it.” As time went by, the Otto family as well as their guests would witness the doll’s face expression change. On several occasions the family would hear the doll giggling as well as catching glimpses of the doll skittering from room to room.

Years later, the boy grew up and became an artist. He inherited his parent’s house alongside his wife. When he moved back to the house, he discovered the doll locked away in the attic. He was very happy to stumble upon the doll and even gave the doll its own room! On the contrary, his wife was not very pleased with the doll and allegedly, she insisted they get rid of it. After a while, the doll’s antics became unbearable so it was placed back to the attic. Despite Robert the Doll being locked away, the disturbances didn’t stop. Guests would complain about hearing footsteps coming from the attic while the pedestrians on the street claimed seeing the doll looking trough the attic window. There are also rumors that the doll would often be found downstairs in the rocking chair.

After Robert Eugene Otto’s death in 1974, the doll was left in the attic of the home where it remained until a new family moved into the house. It was Myrtle Reuter who purchased the Otto home in 1974 and claimed the doll moved around the house. In Reuter’s words “the doll is haunted”. Eventually, in 1994 she donated Robert the doll to the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West and that is where he remains till present day.

Robert might have not been as evil as Chucky but his story certainly is creepy and he definitely is one of the most famous haunted dolls alongside Annabelle and Peggy. Also just to mention, if you are planning a visit to the museum in order to meet Robert, make sure to ask if you can take his picture before you actually take it. It is said that he does not like it when people take pictures of him without his permission.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Lucid Dreaming Induction

Dreams in general are pretty fascinating topic but the magic of lucid dreaming might be one of the most awesome things our brain is capable of doing that we know of.  To start with, lucid dreaming is defined as a dream during which a dreamer is aware of the fact that they are dreaming. Besides the awareness, the dreamer might be capable of taking control of the dream. Simply put, while lucid dreaming, people are able to affect and change the environment of the dream, choose people that they wish to dream as well as interactions with people, put themselves in different situations and, basically, do anything with only limit being their own imagination. 

While majority of lucid dreamers do not really choose in which dream they will be aware of, lucid dreaming seems like such an amazing experience that many people try to achieve such state at will. There are so many techniques known today to help induce lucid dreaming. From personal experience, I have never been able to lucid dream at will. Majority of my lucid dreams happen through sudden realization that I am dreaming or through false awakenings when I gradually realize that I have been dreaming for a while. The best reality checks for me have been lights which for some reason do not work properly in my dreams as well as my phone, TV or any other electronics emitting light.

The closest I ever gotten to lucid dreaming at will was when I started to pay close attention to my thoughts. To be honest, being fully aware of your thoughts can be a bit frustrating at first and truthfully I amm still struggling with it. There is so much going on in our everyday lives that we either simply forget about our own thoughts or we suppress them because of how overwhelming they might be. The truth is, once I am able to not only be aware that I am thinking but when I take full control of my thoughts is when I realize of how easy and simple everything is. However, as a human I forget how to get into that place and the reason for forgetting is again overwhelming everyday life which leads to frustration and anxiety. Stress seems to be to blame for everything even lucid dreaming. Furthermore, while trying to lucid dram in the state of full awareness and control, I would be able to catch glimpses of my dreams. The dream would unravel in front of my eyes and I could be fully aware of it. However, these glimpses would last shortly and I would quickly be back to reality. 

A few months back I was lucky enough to stumble upon an amazing YouTube video by Olivia's Kissper ASMR. Might I add that I am in no way associated with Olivia's Kissper ASMR, I just really like her videos. The particular video was of a guided meditation to listen to prior trying to lucid dream and it was perfectly designed for a viewer to experience exactly what I was trying to achieve. As expected, I have tried this meditation and found it to be very helpful for aspiring lucid dreamers therefore I wanted to share it with the rest of you. The video is linked bellow. 

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Suicide Forest in Japan

The forest by the name of Aokigahara or popularly known as the suicide forest is located at base of Mount Fuiji in Japan. The forest is special for a very high density of trees, two caves (the Ice Cave and the Wind Cave), the lack of wildlife which makes this forest a very quiet place and, strangely, the number one spot for suicide in Japan. Besides Japan, Aokigahara is among top three of the most popular suicide spots in the world. These statistics and the quietness of the forest both created the idea that the area is haunted.

There have been so many suicides in this forest that it is not a shocker for the innocent walkers to discover skeletons. According to police retrieves dozens of bodies every year from the forest and the authorities believe there are numerous undiscovered corpses lying underground. The exact number of suicides is unknown although in 2003 it was made public that 105 confirmed suicides took place in Aokigahara. Some evidence suggest that the dark history of the suicide forest begun as early as the 19th century. That is when Japanese practiced ubasute. Ubasute was a practice of carrying elders to desolate place to die as a form of euthanasia. The Aokigahara was one of the most popular places for this practice. Some believe the forest is haunted by angry spirits yurei of those who were left there to die. According to, it became popular again after the novel “Tower of Waves” by Seicho Matsumoto was published in 1960’s. The plot of the novel followed a couple who commit suicide in the Aokigahara forest. In 1993, another book “The Complete Manual of Suicide” by Wataru Tsurumi fueled the increase of suicide rate in the woods.

Nowadays, the authorities are aware of dangers of suicides once people enter the forest. This is why there are signs in both Japanese and English all through the woods with messages to try and prevent suicides. One message reads: “Your life is something precious that was given to you by your parents.” Officials are encouraging suicidal people to seek help and not to take their lives because the truth is, suicide is a serious issue and we should all remember that we are all worthy even if we do not see it currently.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Death by Fear

The following is the true story I was told by one of my friends. Truthfully, I hope you are ready for this because it is one of those bizarre and scary yet sad stories.

Events took place in the middle of the 20th century to my friend’s family. It was evening when parents put their daughter to sleep and soon they went to bed as well. In the middle of the night, parents were awoken from their sleep by their daughter.“I’m scared” – she said. Parents brushed her off probably thinking their daughter had a nightmare or that, whatever it is she was afraid of, was nothing but child’s imagination. Therefore they did what majority of parents would have done.“There is nothing to be afraid of. Go to sleep” – they said.The girl listened to her parents and went back to her bedroom. The entire house fell asleep again. However, soon after parents were awoken from their sleep by their daughter one more time.“I’m scared” – that’s all she said once again. Parents tried to convince her that there is nothing to be afraid of. Eventually they sent the girl back to her room. She left. The house fell asleep.The morning comes. The parents wake up and continue on with their daily routine. After a while they noticed that their daughter is not waking up so they went to check on her. You guessed it. As they went to check on the girl, they found her dead lying in her bed.

No one ever knew what exactly happened to the young girl. There were no signs of trauma or anything that would indicate the reason for her death. The only thing we know is that she was afraid. However, we do not know of what or who exactly was she afraid of.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Fran Drescher (The Nanny) Claims She Saw Aliens

Celebrities are people just like the rest of us. Therefore, some of them might have experienced paranormal phenomenon and some of their stories are way too interesting that they just have to be told. Fran Drescher's experience is one of those stories.

Fran Drescher, the actress who most of us know from the hit TV show The Nanny, shared a story about her encounter with aliens. The actress claims that when she was in junior high, she was abducted by aliens who implanted a chip in her hand leaving her hand with a scar till present day. According to Huffington Post, years later when she met her husband Peter Marc Jacobson, the actress discovered that he has the exact same scar in the exact same place. Moreover, her husband also saw aliens when he was junior high. Therefore, Fran Drescher believes she and her husband were programmed to find and meet each other. On the other hand, her husband is not so sure. He believes Fran must have gotten a scar some other way. To be fair, it is a really unbelievable coincidence making it only natural for anybody to be looking for a reasonable explanation. However, Fran is sure about how she got the scar.

Regardless if this story is a coincidence or not, it is quite bizarre that both of them had the same experience at the same time and even scars as a reminder of events. If it was an alien experiment; congratulations aliens, Fran and her husband found each other making your experiment was successful!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Real Paranormal Activity Surrounding the Movie "The Conjuring 2"

James Wan’s horror movie “The Conjuring” got a sequel in the middle of the June, 2016. It also got a reputation of being a haunted movie. With the release of the “The Conjuring 2”, there have been numerous allegations of mysterious paranormal happenings surrounding the franchise.

Interestingly, unexplained events started occurring even prior to the filming of the movie. When the screenwriters (the Hayes brothers) were working on the script, they were spending lots of time on the phone with Lorraine Warren. Strangely, their phone calls would get cut by strange sounds including static and the line would eventually go dead. Furthermore, once while the director James Wan was working on the script, his dog started growling at an empty corner. The dog than started following something across the room but James Wan claims he saw nothing. The next event happened to lead actress Vera Farmiga. During the pre-production of the movie when Vera was only considering her role, she was researching deeper into the case on her laptop. That is when she got on the phone with the director James Wan. After the phone call had ended, Vera returned to her laptop only to notice three digital claw marks on her laptop screen.

Prior to the filming of the movie, the priest was called to the set in order to bless the area. However, the strange events continued. One of the film’s leads, Patrick Wilson was a firm nonbeliever prior to the filming. Now he had changed his mind; he is sure that the film set was haunted claiming that there have been several strange happenings which one could qualify as paranormal. Wilson reports that heavy drapes on the set would shake violently on more than one occasion. He claims there are even video proofs of this phenomenon. Moreover, some people on the set started experiencing dark feelings similar to those of the characters in the movie. Some were even injured during the filming and ended up in the emergency.

The lead actress, Vera Farmiga experienced a second paranormal happening on the day she completed her work on the movie. She returned home and woke up next day to, what she describes as, three claw mark bruises on her thigh. The actress says the claw marks on her thighs and on the computer were different.

After the movie was released, it was not only the people who worked on the movie that experienced the phenomenon. Now, there are reports from people who went to see a movie experiencing the alleged paranormal activity. The most shocking one happened earlier this June when a 65-year-old man died in a cinema while watching a screening of a horror movie The Conjuring 2. The man complained about the chest pains during the movie’s climax and fainted shortly afterwards. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Strangely, there are reports that the man’s body had gone missing. Allegedly, the man’s body and the man who was in charge of transporting the body have both gone missing. Furthermore, one Facebook post went viral after a man decided to share his paranormal experience after seeing the movie. 

View a Facebook post here: 

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